Why Can’t I Get a Girlfriend? 20 Mistakes that Ruin Your Chances

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If you are wondering, why can’t I get a girlfriend? There are a few honest questions that you need to ask yourself. Are you doing wrong or is it just bad timing?

Most men who want to get a girlfriend – but can’t get one – tend to point the finger at women. It’s easy to do this and point the finger at someone else and blame them for your mistakes. Heck, women do this too! But at the end of the day, if you’re the one who sitting all by yourself in a quiet corner of your room, and wondering, why can’t I get a girlfriend, it’s probably got something to do with yourself.
It’s hard to self-reflect and ask yourself the hard questions. But honestly, if you seriously want a girlfriend, it’s time you did some honest talking in front of the mirror.

It’s annoying when lousy guys get a great girlfriend and you don’t!

It’s the worst feeling in the world for a young guy, right? You’re walking down a street and feeling great about yourself and hiding that pit of despair you’re feeling because you’re so lonely. And suddenly, you see a good looking girl wrapped tightly around the arms of a guy who looks and behaves like a total jackass *in your eyes!*.

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It’s frustrating you because you don’t understand what girls see in him, but don’t see those things in you.
You’re not alone in feeling this like this. This thought crosses through the minds of many guys who are probably just as single or lonely alike you. But what binds together all these guys is one single thing – they’re in denial.
For a few reasons, it’s so easy for these guys to easily find out flaws in other guys in a flash. But yet, when these guys look at themselves in the mirror, all they see is pure perfection.

Stop living in denial if you want a great girlfriend

No, it’s not the concern that women are blind or that they don’t like nice guys. They have also eyes, and they can see you. It is possible, they may even be able to see you far better and deeper than you can see yourself!
So, if women aren’t giving you a second glance, or don’t seem interested in you when you want to talk to them, there’s something you’re doing that’s rubbing them the wrong pathway.
It could be something small things – you chew with your mouth open or you don’t know when to stop talking. Or it could be something bigger, like looking unconfident, or obnoxious. But these things can be changed, and with help of little work, you’ll be able to ditch the “why can’t I get a girlfriend” sob story and get some solid dates.

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Are guys just more unlucky than others?

If you’re a guy, especially one who’s wondering, why can’t I get a great girlfriend, big chances are, you’re convinced that you’re just unlucky. Almost every single *and slightly obnoxious* guy has this deep-rooted belief that they’re unlucky about love and that somehow, every other guy is just luckier with the ladies.
Let’s assume this fact is true. Yes, there is may a possibility of lady luck being against you or maybe you were just at the wrong place at the wrong time, and another guy hooked a great girl “in your absence”. But the odds of you being unlucky in love for several weeks or years in a row, that’s pretty slim, don’t you think?

Can you explain away your lack of luck with the girls to bad luck for several years? As much as you do believe you’re hot stuff and god’s gift to women on earth, you have to be honest to yourself.
At some point, you need to face this harsh reality that maybe it’s you that needs a bit of fixing!

Why can’t I get a girlfriend” mind frame

It’s time to realize that it’s not the women at fault. You need to start looking at yourself. That’s hard to do for some people. But if you want to stop wondering “why can’t I get a girl” then you have no choice.
The truth is that every woman is looking for great guys, just as hard as you’re looking for great girls. You just need to reflect deeply and fix what’s wrong with you when it comes to girlfriends.

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Here are the reasons why you can’t get a girlfriend, and what you can do to change that.

1. You’re not independent

It’s easy to live with your parents, and not have a real job right now. However, at some point, let’s say in your late twenties, you’re going to want to branch off on your own because it’s a sign of growing up, which women find very appealing, if you’re Italian, then you can live with your parents until death.

2. Mr Nice Guy

Being a nice guy is a good thing. But are you pretending to be a “nice person” who’s overly meek and accommodating just to get into a girl’s pants? Yeah, girls can see through that act.
Don’t be that person who tries to be extra nice because he isn’t man enough to stand up for himself. Kindness is good quality, however, being a pushover is not. No girl would want to date a guy who is weak and hides under a mask of niceness to sleep with her.

3. You’re boring

Read a book or watch a film – do something that you’ll be able to talk about and share with the world around you. If you’re a boring guy, no one will want to hang around you.

4. Bad conversational skills

Do you expect others to do all the conversation? Or are you one of those who just can’t read the room or see when others are yawning as you’re going on about the same boring topic for over five minutes?
Sometimes, what you think may be interesting could be boring to others. Learn to read the signs, and change the topic of conversation the second someone seems bored.

5. You’re the shy guy in your group

You may be a shy guy in your group of friends. This isn’t a bad thing, but unless a girl is more talkative or makes a move, you need to probably won’t talk to her. That’s a problem. If you’re a shy guy, try to at least make some small talk to get something going.

6. You don’t show that you like her

It may be possible you do like her, however, you never expressed it to her. So, now you both are really good friends. Yay! Well, if you want a girl to understand that you’re interested in her, you need to show it. That, or run the risk of being a friend.

7. You’re an over-thinker

Aren’t we all? All of us do it now and then, especially if we want to make sure nothing goes wrong. But what you need to do is to re-focus on your thoughts and not become obsessed with finding a girlfriend. Or else all you’ll meet are the wrong girl.

8. You have an emotional wall built up

You’ve been hurt, or you’re inexperienced in the past, so now you have this giant wall built. If you want to get a great girlfriend, you’re going to have to allow that wall to come down. Is it scary? Hell yes. But you have to do it if you want something good.

9. She’s the wrong type of girl

Maybe you’re looking at the wrong type of girl. You have this image of some badass chick who dresses like an emo chick, smokes weed, and rides a motorcycle before riding you at night.
But at the end of the day, that’s not what ya guy needs. Sit down and figure out what you want in a woman, and then go out and try to find her.

10. You think you’re special

You’re not special. Sure, you may have a six-pack or look pretty, but so what? Do you think you’re the only one? We have stomach muscles, get over yourself. This whole “I’m special” attitude is making girls roll their eyes in your presence.

11. You move things too fast

Oh, you like her. You like her. You want a second date tomorrow, and then you want her to meet your family on Saturday. Whoa… just cool it down there. You want everything, however, you want it too fast. You’re scaring her. So, take it down a notch and just go with the flow of time.

12. You’re obnoxious

Yeah, that’s right, maybe you have shitty social skills and you probably don’t know it. Maybe you’re just an asshole, but the question is, why would she spend an ounce of her time with you if you treat her like shit?
If a girl seems interested at first and ignores you five minutes into getting to know her, there’s a possibility you’re the obnoxious guy.

13. You don’t care about women

This isn’t a bad thing, unless you hate women… that’s different. This could simply mean you’ve been hurt by someone in the past and are now numb or you’re not ready. But if you guy who doesn’t care about women, then this is a decent reason why you don’t have a girlfriend.

14. You’re too entitled

Some guys behave as the world owes them a favour just for existing. Don’t be that guy. If for some reason, you may believe a woman owes you sex or a date just because you’re talking to her or buying her a drink, that’s a sign that you are too entitled.
Your entitlement comes from your deep-rooted psychological issues, so fix them first!

15. You’re selfish

If you are a guy who doesn’t do anything nice for someone unless you think they’ll return the favour. You care only about yourself. The reason why you want a girlfriend is that you want someone hot to have sex with and look good in your arms.
You don’t want to date her because you want her and want to share your love with her. You just want her to satisfy our needs. As hard as you try to mask this, every woman can see through this act in a flash.

16. You get clingy

So you got her contact today, and you text her. She hasn’t responded to you yet, so you bombard her phone with 100 other texts and questions marks *???*. Whoa, take a chill pill and cool it down a bit.
Expecting any girl you talk to 24/7 to cater to your whims, can make any girl want to ghost you or block you. Seriously, you need to stop fantasizing about marrying her or making her have your babies after the first conversation. Take it easy, and give her the space to breathe comfortably.

17. You’re not as good as you think you are

This may be a blow to your ego and self-esteem. But if you’re wondering, why can’t I get a girlfriend, maybe it’s time you accept this harsh truth. You’re not as good as you think. You may carry yourself with arrogance and want any women you lock eyes with to fall at your feet because you’re awesome.
But guess what, because you’re the one without a girl, chances are, you’re not good enough for her. So if you do want a great girl, make sure you’re a great guy yourself.

18. You want her to make the first move

Yeah, what a big dream that would be, right? Some women have no problem making the first move, however, many women let the guy do the work. If she doesn’t make the first move, you’ll have to do it. Get used to it.

19. You want Miss Perfect

Yeah, everyone wants to miss perfect, but we can’t just sit around and wait for that to happen, can we? Exactly. Yes, if you want this hot chick with perfect perky boobs that defy gravity, a juicy ass, and a personality to die for.

She may exist, but it’s rare to find. Why don’t you look for women who are real instead? It is a chance that you’re not Mr Perfect right now either. So you’re building this fantasy in your mind of perfection when you’re not giving the same back in return.

20. You’re not even trying

If you’re whining and complaining about not having a girlfriend but then spend your time not approaching a girl, well, what do you seriously expect? That one day some girl will walk up to you and give her hand to you? If you’re not trying, very well, that’s your first problem.

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