What Things looks in your Partner | How to Strengthen Married Life Relationship

A couple who love each other dearly was now finally getting married. It was a huge celebration, everybody who attended the wedding, had a wonderful time.
Each one agreed that the couple, not only looked gorgeous in their wedding attire, but their love for each other was very genuine and evident. A couple of months later when the couple had settled down. The lady came to the husband with a proposal, she said. Recently I read somewhere about a process to strengthen married relationships. Each of us will write a list of the things that we find a bit annoying about the other, and then we can discuss how we can improve and fix those weaknesses together and make her life happier. The husband agreed and both of them went to a separate room in the house, and did some soul searching, to think about the things in their partner that annoyed them. They spend the rest of the day doing this exercise and wrote down what they came up with. The next morning at the breakfast table, they decided to go over their lists. The wife offered to start She took out her list which has many items to enough to fill three pages. As she started reading those things in him that annoyed her. She noticed that her husband had teary-eyed. When she asked him if something was wrong. He said that everything was fine and asked her to continue reading. After the wife had finished reading all the three pages to her husband. She neatly places her list on the table and told him that it is his turn. And that after he had finished they would discuss how to work on their flaws together in a very soft and gentle tone the husband said, I don’t have anything on my list. I think you’re perfect the way you are and I don’t want you to change anything for me. You’re lovely and wonderful, and I wouldn’t want to try and change anything about you. The wife was touched by his honesty and the depth of his love of her and his acceptance of her. She turned her head to the other side and wept. Ladies and gentlemen, there are enough reasons in times when we feel disappointed depressed, and annoyed. We don’t have to go looking for them. We are human beings far from being perfect. The exercise of helping each other deal with our weaknesses is not bad, but we have to be conscious of two things. Number one, it has to be based on accepting each other for who they are and then help each other to improve as far as humanly possible. She’s of two things. Number one, it has to be based on accepting each is with our weaknesses. It’s not bad, but we have to be conscious of two things. Number one, it has to be based on accepting each other for who they are and then help each other, improve as far as humanly possible. And number two, seeing the bad in others, even if it were with the cleanest intention to help to serve must be accompanied with a much larger percentage of focusing on the good in that other person. Trust me, you can never find the perfect partner, who only sees the good in you thinks you’re perfect and loves you the way you want them to. But you can surely find a person who sees you for who you are, accepts you for who you are with all your imperfections, and loves you more than you wanted them to. And that’s even better than perfect.

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