Tips  to Increase Intimacy and Communication in a Relationship


Avoidant partners create distance and have trouble with communication in relationships. 

Be patient: Give them time to learn how to express themselves in ways that have not been safe.


Avoid controlling their behavior- because they have a tendency to be sensitive around feeling controlled by others because they are used to so much independence 


Clarify desires around physical touch because  Physical affection and sex may be different with an avoidant partner.


Validate their feeling: When your partner chooses to express their feelings, validate them


Communicate about your sexual need because your partner may have a typical sex drive while you’re dating, but they sometimes lose interest over time and prefer time alone.


8 Ways to Build Healthy Self-Focus Habits


Focusing on yourself is a good, valid way to bloom in your own life.

Love with your own favorite


Think about what you like to do, and what things bring joy to your life. 

School yourself


There are plenty of learning opportunities around every corner that might help you establish a new passion. 

Uncover and confront the fear


Talk to a friend or therapist about your apprehension about trying new things.

Take it outside


Taking a little time in nature has a reputation for lowering stress levels and contributing to emotional well-being. 

Break out the journal


If you’re not a words person, try sketching. There are no rules for expressing yourself. 



This simple practice improves overall mental health, helps you sleep better 



Self-care is whatever recharges your batteries and helps you feel at your mental and physical best. 

Practice self-compassion


Self-compassion offers you the same gentle words and comforting actions you’d extend to a friend who’s going through something difficult.