8 Ways to Channel Your Anger into Productive Action


Anger is often a challenging emotion to control, but you can channel your anger in positive ways.

Consider why you’re angry 


If you assess what’s making you angry, you may be able to find the source of the issue.

Think what you can change 


Sometimes anger can be a catalyst for progress. You can channel your anger into making some changes. 

Find your emotional triggers 


Self-awareness can be incredibly helpful for controlling and channelling your emotions effectively.

Use anger for boundary setting 


Gaining personal insight is a key part of self-improvement. Anger contributes by helping you discover your values and priorities. 

Become motivated 


Anger can be highly motivating. What if someone in your life suggests you’re not capable of acquiring your dream job? 

Develop perspective 


When you feel angry take a moment to pause and ask yourself, “Will this matter in a year?”

Improve your fitness 


Exercise can help you immediately channel your anger into power that can improve your fitness. Exercise is a good way to release anger.

Channel your energy 


Use your energy for tasks like cleaning, cutting the grass, or anything that requires physical involvement.