15 Ways To Make A Women Regret Losing You

Most of these steps are about to make you better than you were before and happy. The one thing that a person can do to make someone regret not being with you is LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE. It’s not up to other people to decide what happiness means to you — you need to figure out what makes you happy and fulfils you. Then, try to find a way to do that. Sure, you’ll have struggled even when you’re happy, but when you have an inner joy & glow and when you’re living life on your life simply feels better.

15 Ways To Make A Women Regret Losing You

1. Stop Being Self-Destructive

Get your sh!t together if you are having a tough time dealing with your memories. Own it and do the work to be happy. You’ll never have a successful relationship until you own your own sh!t.

2. Change Your Life Positively

Don’t let the breakup stop you from doing anything. You need to do some changes in your life, more positively. If you are unemployed before and it’s the reason why she dumped you, secure a stable job and show her what she’s missing.

3. Have a Sexy Body

when 99% of other men are developing man boobies and dad bods, your ass should be at the gym working out. Make yourself look better now than you did 10, 15, 20 years ago. Take control of your body.

4. Become Financially Awesome

This doesn’t mean having a ton of cash right now, but in the future, that is the goal. It’s critical to set a budget now and live below your means. Take any excess cash and invest it.

5. Do Fun Stuff

Go out and explore, take trips and vacations, and do stuff. Then, post your lifestyle adventures on social media.

6. Try to Become More Stylish

If you want to quickly and instantly make her think “damn” about you, try to become a better version of yourself. Start dressing better, get a fresh haircut, groom your beard if you have one, and upgrade & elevate your grooming game. Grow a little badass rugged 5 o’clock shadow beard — suddenly she’ll see you looking like a bad boy.

7. Make Her Crazily Jealous

Let her know how much fun you have with your life now that she’s gone. Half of her would-be expecting you to depressed and sad after she dumped you, and knowing that you are not at all will make her stressed instead.

8. Boost Your Confidence

Being dumped doesn’t mean you are not a good guy. Don’t let it make your self-esteem go low. Boost your confidence and stay the way you are. Even if you’re not confident enough, pretend that you are.

9. Make Use Of The Social Media

You never know what wonders can social media do. For everything you did, make sure you post it on social media, the most important thing is the part where you have fun and are happy. Such as meeting with old friends, doing our hobby, or lunch break at your new office.

10. Show Her You Have Moved On

Do you know what are the Ways to Make Your Ex Girlfriend Miss You and Want You Back? Show her you have over her. Leave anything about her behind and make a life that you never have before. She will leave out wonder whether you have forgotten her completely or not.

11. Make Over Yourself

Make a change in your appearance. Go to the salon and get a new fresh haircut. It’s a common thing for both women and women to cut their hair short after a breakup.

12. Don’t Involve With Her Friends

If you want to make her jealous, don’t flirt with her friends. It makes you look desperate and pitiful, and she knows that you haven’t moved on from her.

13. Have Fun With Others

Call your best friends whenever you’re down. They know the best ways to Make a Best Friend Feel Better after the breakup. Spend the night out and don’t forget to post it on social media. Especially if she used to complain about it.

14. Keep Contacts With Mutual Friends

It’s important to keep her updated with your life. And the only one who can pass the news is your mutual friends. Keep in contact with them and tell them how is your life now. They will surely tell your ex about it.

15. Boast Your Getaway Photos

If there are places she always wants to visit or you used to travel together with her. Keep it going. You will be feeling empty at first because she isn’t there, but she will burn with jealousy right where she is.

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