Top 13 Worst Habits that Women Hate in Men

Do you want to know what habits women detest when it comes to the men they’re looking to date? Here are the worst offenders!

pexels photo 7406213 -If you want to impress the woman of your dreams, you have to make an extra effort to be the best man that you can be. That isn’t to say that you need to have a movie-star profile or a boatload of money. All you need to do is be yourself. However, you need to get rid of those bad habits that turn women off the most.

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Why do you need to get rid of these bad habits?
A bad habit is what it is: a habit. Because of that, you can turn around and develop good habits to counteract the bad. You do not essentially need to change your whole personality. You are simply improving on what’s already there, by disposing of the bad traits that you possess.
Women are sensitive beings, and they easily catch on to these types of traits pretty quickly. Even if they like your appearance, they will not hesitate to dump you if you possess bad habits that can ruin your relationship.

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These bad habits are not only harmful to your body, but they can also inflict damage on your personality and well-being. These bad habits may include vices and disagreeable characteristics. Before you start to work on impressing your loved one with your good traits, you need to rid yourself of all the bad habits that most of them don’t like.
#1 Smoking
Smoking is the number one pet peeve of non-smoking women. There are more non-smokers than chain smokers out there, and should you encounter one, they won’t hesitate to call you out about smelling like an ashtray.
#2 Excessive drinking
Alcoholism is a disease, but frequent drinking can also be detrimental to your relationship. A woman will take your excessive inebriation as a sign of irresponsibility or as a lack of seriousness about any situation. It’s okay to drink now and then, but drinking extreme amounts of alcohol is not attractive at all.
#3 Drug use
There is a debate whether marijuana is harmful, but putting that aside, any sort of drug abuse is intolerable for most women. Just as it is with alcohol, a woman who knows that you use recreational drugs regularly will not approve of your lifestyle, including your spending habits as many recreational drugs don’t run cheap.
#4 Low self-esteem
Women want guys who know what they’re doing. They can’t be bothered to hold you up when they have issues of their own. A guy with low self-esteem is just as bad as a woman with the same problem. You can’t achieve anything in life if you’re too timid to get it yourself.
#5 Bad hygiene
Don’t believe the hype that women love a grungy type of men. They want ruggedly handsome men. But when the rugged part gets too real, they will back out. Women want someone clean and free of germs. Smelling bad and looking bad will alert women to the possibility that you have an infectious disease.
#6 Arrogance
Knowing that you look good is different from shoving the fact in other people’s faces. Even if you have money, a girl won’t appreciate it if you blatantly throw it around to impress her. If you’re a gifted person, be humble about it. Be generous, but not petty. Be selfless, but not condescending. Arrogance doesn’t get you anything but an eye roll.
#7 Indifference
Most woman wants someone that they can have a connection. You might be shy or distracted, but being indifferent to your women can send a different message. Not only is it hurtful, but it also makes them think that you aren’t invested in having a relationship, after all.
#8 Lack of compassion and empathy
Being nice is a requirement, but you don’t have to fake it by holding an old lady’s hand while she crosses the road. You seriously need to be empathic about what goes on around you and act accordingly whenever problems arise. If you ignore the seriousness of any condition, your partner will think that you don’t care at all.
#9 Lack of potential
Being unemployed does not mean that you are undeserving of love, but a girl will not tolerate it if you don’t have any plans of turning your situation around. They don’t care if you earn more than they do. They only want a man who has a dream and knows how to survive without depending on anybody else.
#10 Lack of determination
Being complacent is a turn-off as well. Most women don’t like it when men give up before they even try anything new. You could call it lazy, unimaginative, or unmotivated – whatever it is, a lady won’t stand for a man who is not proactive.
#11 Laziness
It’s the same as a lack of determination, but only on an initial level. Women don’t like guys who lie around waiting for someone else to do their job for them. Whether it’s chores, their job or raising a family, women don’t like it when guys don’t take their responsibilities seriously.
#12 Dependence
If a guy has to take hand-outs or charity from family or anyone else, a girl won’t be inclined to put her life in that person’s hands. A man has to be independent in the sense that he can provide for himself, as well as his future family. If unfortunately prevents that from happening, a woman will appreciate it if a guy tries to support himself on his own two feet.
#13 Insensitivity
There are inherently inferior people, and there are people who end up looking bad. The latter are those who don’t take other people’s feelings and emotions into consideration, no matter how good their intentions are. You must always be courteous and refrain from offending other people because of your lack of empathy.

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All these traits apply to women. But most of these are the main complaints of women in general. Guys often have a different set of standards for women, but girls are pickier when it comes to guys and their habits.
If you want to impress your dream girl, don’t change your personality. Just change those things that aren’t good about you. Flaws exist to make you human, but the things that make you bad people should be fixed.
If you possess any of these bad habits, now it’s time for you to start getting rid of them. Once you do, you will realize that being healthy and being a good person can do wonders for your relationship and love life.

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