12 Rules to Forget Anyone You Once Cared For

Pretending anyone you once loved doesn’t exist anymore is painful. But if you want to know how to forget someone for good, here are effective rules what you need to do.

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We all have one person… or two… that we want to erase from our hearts. If you’re staying up all night thinking about that person and wondering how to forget them for good and pretend they never existed, don’t worry, you’ll soon be able to sleep peacefully. [Read: 10 Double Standards In Relationships]

It may seem like you’re the only one who’s spending days, months, even years thinking about how to forget that person who broke your heart – but you’re not alone.

How to forget anyone and move on for good

Learning how to forget anyone isn’t an easy task, especially when you can’t help but think of them every single moment. It doesn’t matter whether you’re watching a movie, or with friends, or staring at a blank wall. They’re always inside your mind! But here are some useful tips to cleanse your mind and forget that person. [Read: 19 Questions To Ask A Girl Over Text To Make Her Horny & Wet]

1. Learn from Disney

You should listen to the Disney song. We know the 2013 movie is almost a decade old, but these songs can sometimes be very real. Let it go. It’s a way that you’ll be able to free your mind and heart.

If you accept what happened, then the next step is to understand that, and then make a promise to yourself that must move forward.

2. Couch vs. the outdoors

Get your shoes on, and go for a long walk. Go to the market. Go to the cafe. See your friends and meet with them. Yes, your heart is broken but you’re still breathing – don’t allow anyone to take your time away from you.

3. Plan your revenge from afar!

If you’re feeling down and out, there’s no point sulking. To forget someone, the best way is to focus on yourself. This is a great moment to look within and develop yourself. Join a pottery class, take up a sport – do anything that makes you feel good about yourself.

It’s easy to sit on the couch, it’s great until your muscles start to melt. If you’re not enough motivated to work on yourself, let’s think of it differently. What if you run into that guy in a couple of months. The best way of revenge is looking better now than when you were with them. 

4. You’re suffering, but what about them?

Just stay away from that person. I know, you expect to stalk them and see if they’re feeling just like you, but it’s not a good idea if your goal is to forget about someone. You need to cleanse yourself of that person – body, mind, and soul.

If you guys have the same companion, perhaps taking some time away from them as well will help you get over them. Anything that reminds you of them, you need to avoid that thing. Forgetting anyone you care for will take strength, but you can do it. At least until your eyes don’t look so red and puffy.

5. Where is your attention right now?

If your life has been revolving around this person, the best idea to know how to forget someone is to change your lifestyle. This can be done by working on within yourself, however, you can also try for a new job or change cities.

Making these types of changes will help to focus your attention on something else that is bigger than a relationship that’s crumbled to dust. This won’t guarantee that you will completely forget him or her, but it will help you and force you to do new things without that person. 

6. Imagine they’ve vanished

Don’t talk to the person. Don’t do it, please, don’t do it. This ain’t nothing but trouble. Don’t text them, don’t call them, don’t Snapchat them, don’t Instagram “heart” them, don’t Facebook message them, don’t Whatsapp them, don’t pigeon mail them. Do not contact them. How can you forget anyone if you keep on talking to them? Exactly!

7. To think or not to think?

Don’t forcefully try to remove this person from your mind. If you’re trying to stop thinking about that person, it won’t work. It’ll make you think about them so much more. So, if you want to understand how to forget any, don’t sit on the couch thinking to yourself, “I need to get over him/her”. You’ll just get yourself thinking about how you don’t want to get over them. The mind is a crazy thing, eh?

8. Bust out your ghosting moves

Delete them from everything like – Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat. You will cyberstalk the hell out of them – trust me. The only idea to avoid this is to completely remove that person from your life. It’ll be a hard thing to do, but after a month or two, you’ll stop going to their Facebook page – you probably don’t believe me yet, but you will. 

9. Bring out your inner Shakespeare

You need to express your feelings and emotions – this is the only idea to process what happened and to help gain clarity and internal peace. Even if your first sentence is, “I don’t know what to write”, write that down. Sooner or later, you’ll be able to start gaining momentum and those feelings will start pouring out on the page.

10. What’s your new agenda?

Get yourself goals orientated. Start with small goals. For like, made a goal that I would go for a thirty-minute walk every day. Your goal doesn’t have to be super or grand significant. It can be simple, just as long as it helps you get through this phase to learn how to forget anyone and distract yourself enough to get over them completely.

Be sure, this is a phase, you will get through this. So, make some goals. Every day write in your journal for ten minutes or listen to music before you go to bed. 

11. Pack your bags

Get out and see the beauty of the world. There’s no need moping around your house, waiting for them to change. Get a train ticket, plane ticket, or bus ticket – it doesn’t matter how you travel just as long as you take the time to see the beauty of the world you live in. Trust me, once you see what nature and the world hold, you’ll be wondering why you’re wasting your time on that person. 

12. The final remedy

I know it’s cliche but time does heal all pain. It may take days, months, or years, but life goes on and eventually, that person will slowly and unconsciously leave your heart and mind. When I see the guy who broke my heart, I look at him now only wanting to shave his disgusting beard. See, time is the best remedy to forget someone.

It’s never easy to forget anyone you once cared for deeply, especially when they gave you so many memories. But with the help of some effort rules, one day not far from today, you’ll look back and see just how easy it was.

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