How to Know Who is your True Friend | Sign of True Friend

A friendship or any relationship shouldn’t be valued on how many gifts or favors one does for the other, rather, friendships are meant to thrive and flourish through displays of mutual support, respect, and gratitude. While a friend may choose to show their appreciation for you to small gestures, or sometimes even life-changing favors. It is never healthy for someone to keep score or do nice things done for you under the condition that you must give them something in return. This means that they’re not making genuine contributions to your life and friendship out of love and sincerity. But rather, they’re keeping tabs on you to find opportunities to call in favors later on. Sometimes it may be difficult to draw the line between which favors are reasonable, and which is simply too much for a friend to ask of you. You may feel guilty or fear that you’d hurt their feelings or ruin your friendship if you were to say no. However, know that a good and trustworthy friend would never ask anything of you, which would put you in a difficult or high-risk position. They would never ask something of you that would benefit them at your expense, and they would never hold it against you. If you were to refuse their requests. Anyone who thinks they can buy your friendship isn’t a true friend. Money or expensive gifts cannot buy genuine love, care, and support. Those are invaluable aspects of a great friendship that only come from true commitment. Money can be used to fix temporary issues or by momentary enjoyment, but it can’t guarantee true satisfaction and fulfillment in your life. Lastly, when you realize that a certain friend is taking advantage of you, it may be difficult to put up boundaries, and painful if you have to part ways altogether. It is especially hard to do so if that friend has been in your life for a long time, or played a big role in your experience growing up. But just like any type of relationship, you can’t measure its value purely based on duration. Someone can be present in your life for 10 years, because of nothing but damage and pain to you. While someone else can enter your life and fill you with so much light and positivity in a mere matter of weeks. Take notice of how someone affects you. While it may be hard to let go of someone who’s been in your life for years, remember that you have the power to choose who to allow into your life and affect your experiences for the better or the worse

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