How to Get a Girlfriend: A Guide to Find the Hottest Girl

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Want to know how to get the hottest girlfriend? You need to know how to find the right one and how to approach her in the right way. Here’s everything you need to know to impress!

If you’re wondering how to get a girl, chances are, this is probably the first time you’re looking for the perfect girlfriend. You’ve been single so far. Or you’ve dated someone wrong for you, and you want to do it right this time around.
When it comes to knowing how to get a girlfriend, there’s more to it than just plucking your courage up to walk up to a girl and talk with her. And by the time you’re done this feature, you’ll know every single thing you need to find the right girlfriend for you, impress her, woo her and make her fall madly in love with you. All even before you need to tell her you to like her!

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So let’s start from the basics.

How to get a girlfriend

There are so many things to know when it comes to knowing how to get a girlfriend. You want to know how to find her, how to approach her and impress her. And how to make sure you both connect on a deeper level. But then again, as you want her to be great in bed. And be your best friend.
Now, that’s a long list, but whether you realize it or not. All of us are walking around with the same list.

Why don’t you have a girlfriend right now?

So you want to get a girl, and somehow, you still haven’t found her. Why is that? In all probability, it’s because of these two simple reasons.

  1. You haven’t found the right one

You’ve been always looking around, and somehow, no one seems right, or good enough, for you. If this is the issue stopping you from getting a girlfriend, all you need to do is start hanging out in new places, making new friends. And trying to make new connections online, especially with so many amazing dating apps that have flooded our phones.

  1. You’re afraid of rejection

This is the harder one for you. You find great girls who catch your eye all the time, but somehow, you just can’t work your courage to approach them or talk to them. Or maybe it’s your friend, and you’re worried you’d ruin the friendship by asking her out. if this is the issue you’re facing, we’ll fix this along the way as well!

Stop trying too hard and start living instead

Before we go any further, this is the best way you need to remember. You chase something, that is running away from you. You sit calmly, and that same thing comes back curiously and you wants your attention again.
So if you want to know how to find a girlfriend. Stop focusing so much on how to find her. Instead, you need to keep an eye open for the right girl but look for ways to have a great time, become a better guy, and live your best life yet. When someone is happy with your life, everyone else can sense it, and everyone else wants to be a part of your life.
Girls don’t need to know that you’re available and pursuing them. When someone does that, they sense desperation and walk away from them.
The only things need to know is that you’re a smart guy, and you’ll be more desired and wanted than you ever imagine.

What kind of a girlfriend are you looking for?

Ask any guy this question, and it’s always the same answer you got. She’s got to be hot!
It is okay and fair enough because you are being honest about it. But when you think about it just for a second longer, you’d realize that you can buy a hot lifelike sex doll as well, can’t you? A sex doll can look like your dream girl or any hot celebrity you’d like. A couple of thousand dollars and an almost lifelike vision of everything you’d ever and want to hump can be in bed with you and she’d be insanely hot too!
But that’s not good enough for you. Probably because you’re looking for a hot girl who can communicate with you, connect with you emotionally and look great in your arms in public, impress your friends, hang out with you, and more blah and blah. The point is, as much as a typical man thinks getting a girlfriend is only about getting himself the hottest pair of boobs and butt on two feet that he can find, there’s much more to it than that.

What makes a girl a great girlfriend?

So now that you’ve hopefully been able to understand that love and a relationship is more than just someone hot to have sex with, what do you want from the relationship with her?
You don’t need to make a list of things you’re looking for. But you need to have a fair idea about what kind of women draws you. Are there any particular traits and characters you’d like your dream girlfriend to have?
Most guys don’t give this a real thought, after all, everyone wants is someone sexy to date. But within a few weeks of being around this lady, they start to get confused. They so desperately wanted this lady, but they can’t connect with her or find her relatable.
At the end of the day, you need to keep in your mind that desire to have sex with a girl. Because you’re sexually infatuated by her is something different from falling in love with a wonderful girl who’s perfect for you. Don’t be confused between these two, as much as love and lust feel the same at the beginning.

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Be worthy enough to attract the kind of girl you want to attract

Now that you know how to look for the right kind of girlfriend, let’s get to the point where you attract the kind of girlfriend you want. All said and done, you still want a great looking girl with an amazing personality! Good for you, because you’re a king who deserves his queen, and it’s not hard either.
Remember this line like your life depends on it. Because it does.
You attract who you are.
This is pretty much everything you need to know here.
If you want to attract an amazing girl, you need to be just as amazing to catch her eye and make her want to date you. You can’t be anybody or one of those creepy guys and expect the hottest chick in the room to desire you.
Here’s a test. When you walk into a room full of fun men and sexy women, how do you feel? Do you feel like a great guy yourself? Do you think you’re equal to or better than everyone else around you? Don’t lie to yourself, be honest. It’s not just about your looks, it’s about your personality, the way you behave and everything else that makes you, you.
It has all the little details that can make you desirable in any girl’s eyes in no time.
Let’s be honest here, if you aren’t good enough or better than the others, why should she date you instead of picking a guy who’s better than you? You want the hottest girl, so it’s only fair that she’d want a great guy as well. So be the best you can be, and you WILL attract the best girls in the world yourself!

What are the traits girls look for in a guy to fall for him?

It’s one thing to want to know how to get a girlfriend. But it’s a completely different thing when you have to self-reflect and become the guy who’s desired by everyone. Get on a few dating apps and try your luck to see where you stand right now.
But in the meantime, try to focus on the things that catch the eyes of girls in the first place.

Is she out of your league? Usually, that’s never the case!

So you like a great girl, and want to make her your girlfriend. But is she too good for you?
Don’t ever let anyone convince you that some girl is too good for you, or that she’s way out of your league. You’re hot stuff, dude! And if anyone tells you otherwise, it’s probably because of their insecurities. You can get any girl you want. BUT it goes back again to the same moral of the story we mentioned earlier. You attract who you are.
If you genuinely believe and know that you possess all the traits of a great guy we mentioned above, you just need to believe in yourself and pursue the girl you like.
Chances are, so many of the other guys are just as intimidated to approach the hot girl. Never let anyone intimidate you. If you think you’re hot stuff, go on out there, and let the girl of your dreams know you’re interested in her *subtly, of course!*.
If she warms up to you, you know you’re awesome! And if she doesn’t seem interested, that’s just another lesson learned, and it’s back to the board room to better yourself and become your best version yet. Every time you make a move on a girl, you’re only becoming a better guy yourself, never forget that. Rejection isn’t defeated. It’s the first step in making yourself a more desirable guy.

Are you in her friend zone?

We need to talk about this because so many people are almost always in the friend zone with a great girl!
And let’s be honest, being a great girl’s friend is never a bad thing. But when you like her and want her to be your girlfriend? It’s the worst feeling ever! You pretend to be her friend only to get close to her. She treats you like a really good friend. And she dates other guys and hooks up with them in front of you.
If you like her, she might as well pull your heart out and stomp on it with her sexy heels, right? But guess what? She doesn’t know you want to date her or bang her. She has no clue because you haven’t told her. So stop making her the villain here.
Don’t ever stay friends with a girl only in the hope of eventually dating her or sleeping with her. You’re not being her friend, you’re taking advantage of her and being a sneaky little rat.
Either ask her out eventually, or forget about ever doing that. Being stuck in the middle only hurts you. If you want to slip out of her friend zone and let her know you’re seriously interested in her.
Don’t ever stay stuck in the friend zone when you desire a girl. You’ll feel weaker, your manhood will shrivel up, and your testosterone level will reduce over time. You’re becoming less of a man by hanging around a girl you desire while pretending to be her friend!

Are you ready to have a girlfriend?

Or do you want a hookup? It’s time, to be honest here. Yes, you want to know how to get a girlfriend. But do you want a relationship, or do you want to sleep with her?
Why do you need to know this? Because relationships, as great as they are, are a lot of work. It’s no longer just you. It’s we. Before you jump into the “we,” you need to make sure you’re able to commit to a relationship.

How to look for the right girl and where to find her

If you want to know how to get a girlfriend, you’ve got to be seen in places that draw a lot of girls. You can’t spend all day at home, and wonder why you aren’t finding the girl of your dreams.
You never know where you’re going to bump into a great girl. But for starters, even a place as random as a grocery store or a library can help you get a great girl.
Here’s a tip that may be contrary to what you think – Don’t look for a girlfriend in a bar. She’s not there to look for a boyfriend, and unless you’re feeling smooth and know how to strike up a conversation with the ladies, you’ll end up feeling worse about yourself.
It’s almost effortless to talk to girls at these places, and the best part, it won’t feel like you’re hitting on them. So they’d be more open to talking to you without being wary or closed up.

Can you find a girlfriend online?

Yes, yes, and oh yes! In the modern dating world, meeting girls online is ridiculously easy, and the best part, you don’t have to use any pickup lines or walk up to a group of girls and introduce yourself. There’s no direct fear of rejection either. It all comes down to how comfortable you are with yourself, and how great you are when you talk to a girl!
Keep in mind though, that when it comes to knowing how to get a girlfriend online, you’re not the only one who trying to do the same thing. As many girls as there are, there are just as many guys *maybe way more too!* so make sure your profile, your pictures and the way you start a conversation online stand out from the rest.

How to start talking to a girl and make her fall for you

When it comes to knowing how to get a girlfriend, this is the part that plays the most important role. You can be a great guy, really desirable by the girl of your dreams, and you may even get a girl to go out on a date with you. But if you don’t know how to talk to a girl and impress her with your conversation skills, all of your effort and hard work would be nothing.
If you want to know how to approach a girl, start talking to her and impress her. This is the part where you just can’t go wrong, and we want you to know everything there is about what it takes to make a girl really like you using just your words, so it needs a whole feature to master it.
Once you learn how to talk to a girl when she’s alone, or with a group of girls, you’ve got nothing more to fear. You know what it takes to be desired, and how to talk to women. So now, you need to let the girl know you’re interested in being more than friends with her.

How to let a girl know you like her

If you’re on a dating app, it’s pretty obvious you want to “date” her! If you approach a girl in person and tell her you like her, she knows you want to date her. But about a girl, you know already? This is the tricky dilemma most guys find themselves in – how to go from friend to boyfriend to a great girl.
When it comes to letting a girl know you like her, subtlety is key. It’s everything! You can never walk up to a girl and tell her you to like her out of the blue. You’d fail, and there’s a high probability that she’ll reject you if you do that.
Why? Because she has no clue you like her, she’s never thought of you “that way”. And a sudden revelation of your love for her? She’d just say ‘no’ even before she gives it a thought. It’s a hot girl’s reflex action, especially if she’s asked out by guys all the time!
Instead, be subtle. Start by flirting with her as a friend, tease her and make her think of you sexually. A boyfriend is a friend and someone she has sex with, all rolled into one. If you’re already talking to her, you’re her friend. But if you can get her to flirt back and talk naughty with you? Boom, you’ve hit the nail on the head and you’re going to make her want to date you!

How to be the perfect boyfriend material who’s desired by girls

One of the best ways to get a girlfriend, or make a girl see you as the perfect boyfriend material is to let her see that you’re not just an amazing friend, but a great guy as well.
Most guys focus on being a good friend and end up completely slipping into the friend zone for good. Don’t be that guy. Always make sure there’s a bit of sexual tension with the girlfriends in your life. You want them to think you’re a great friend, but you also want to make them imagine what it would be like to date an awesome guy like you.
If you can get this perfect balance right by flirting with them subtly and being a friend, you’ll be able to create sexual tension with any girl around you and make all of them desire you.

How to ask a girl to be your girlfriend

If you’ve given everything we’ve mentioned here so far real consideration and become the best version of yourself, you’d have no trouble with this part by now. You’d have several girls making it clear that they’d love and date you. And all you need to do is figure out who’d be perfect for you.
But here’s one more tip. Don’t just tell you to like her and want her to be your girlfriend. Not just yet. Always keep the focus on actions. And don’t express your desire before you’re sure of her feelings for you. *you know this by now, don’t you, Romeo?!*
Ask her to hang out, go on a few dates together, build the chemistry up, and see how it feels.
Do you like her? Do you like spending time with her? Is she the girl who can make your life so much better just by her mere presence in it? If you’re feeling the love, and enjoy being with her, tell her about it. Tell her how she makes you feel. And if you’re feeling it, big chances are, she’s feeling the same too.
Once you’re at this stage, you both are pretty much dating already! But if you want to make it official,
If you’ve ever wondered how to get a girlfriend, these things you need to know. Remember, you attract who you are. If you want a great girl, you’ve got to be a great guy.

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