How to Distinguish Between True Love and Attachment

People always struggling to find true love and most people not able to understand the differences between true love and attachment and they feel an attachment as true love.Here we try to understand the meaning of true love and attachment through a beautiful story.

What is true love?

True is about wanting to make the beloved, happy and feel. them good. Whereas attachment is expecting the other person to make you happy and self-care.Love is the concern of feels for the well-being of the Beloved, it is the willingness to even let go of that person and give them the freedom that’s what leads to the ultimate happiness if that’s what works best in their ultimate interest. And even if that causes immense pain to us. On the other hand, attachment is about blindly holding on, even after knowing that it could be harmful to the one who loves. True Love is about a sense of service and care. Whereas attachment is about a sense of possession that says you are mine. Now let’s try to understand with the help of a story to women are for fighting for a child? The first one said, This is my child, do not touch him. I will not allow you to take him. What are you saying? I am the mother of the boy. Why are you snatching away from being said the second woman? The poor child was too young to speak and no idea what was going on and what will be happening. Soon a crowd gathered there and some of the townspeople took this case to a wise man who was known for resolving such disputes. The wise man has asked the First Lady. So what’s the problem? The lady replied this boy is my child. I was doing some daily chores as my son was playing in the courtyard of the house. This woman picked up my child and ran away. Thank God I saw it and chased to get my child back. The wise man then turns to the second woman and hears her view of her side of the story. The woman said she’s a liar, sir. It was she who picked up my child from the courtyard of my house. As I was busy doing my work. Luckily, I could catch or else today I lost my son. All the townspeople who are watching this drama had no clue whose story was real, and who to believe. And townspeople thinking to how to resolve this dispute then wise man think an idea. The wise man got up from his seat and with one of his fingers, drew a line on the ground. Then he asked both women to stand on either side of the line and place the child in the middle right on the line. Then he asked the first woman to hold the child’s left hand and the second one to hold a right hand. He then told them now your each one of you should pull the child to your side. Whoever successfully dragged the boy over to your side. The child belongs to her. The first woman pulled the child hard with all her strength and the child cried with the pain. The second woman who couldn’t see the plight of the child cried out, please, please let the child go look at how he so pain and crying so bitterly. The second lady without even trying to pull the child broke down in tears as she released the right hand of the child, thus allowing the first woman to keep the child. The first human being victorious exclaimed Yes, the child is mine and was about to leave with the boy. The wise man said Please wait a minute. And he turns to the townspeople and asked them who Loves the child more. The first woman who didn’t care a damn about the pain of the child, or the Second one who’s willing to let go of the child to save it from pain and injury. Everyone unanimously agreed that the child belongs to the second woman. the little boy, and wept tears when he was given back to second women.

“When you like a flower, you just pluck it. But when you love a flower, water it.”

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