8 Signs Your Are A Heyoka

The most powerful Empath you’ve surely heard the term empath. Empaths possess an amazing ability to understand and perceive other people’s feelings and emotions and there are different types of empaths in this post, we’ll be taking a closer look at the Heyoka. the most powerful type.

Originated from a Native American Sioux tribe Heyoka is known as a sacred clown looks at the world differently. They hone in on things and quickly see the faults in popular perceptions. These folks are incredibly wise and they challenge others to also look at life in a way they aren’t used to. If you suspect that you’re an empath, but are unsure of which type keep reading to learn more about the Heyoka Empath to find out if you are one.

1. Care Deeply About People

They are great listeners. They have a deep care for other people and with their patients kindness and understanding they easily make others feel comfortable. If you’re a Heyoka Empath and you sense someone is in need are going through a rough time in life, your natural instinct to help kicks in. Even if it’s a complete stranger, you offer a helping hand and treat them with the same care you would family or good friend.

2. Have a Quick Wit & Sharp Intellect

Heyoka empaths are known for their cheerful and witty nature and they tend to react to things in a surprising and unexpected manner. Even in the hardest of times. They’re able to make light of the situation and find the humor in it. If you are Heyoka your sense of humor is incredibly beneficial to others. You use it to draw attention to a given situation and help people better understand their own life.

You just have a way of getting your message across and highlighting the truth where people have no choice but to understand you. And while they don’t always take well to it at first, you managed to crack even the toughest nut with your humor.

3. Have a Strong Sense of Intuition

A Heyoka empath is very emotionally intelligent and highly intuitive and one of the greatest gifts is the ability to read other people this means that you have total faith in your judgment. You easily spot phonies in a group or when someone is being deceitful. Your ability to sense who’s trustworthy or not allows you to quickly decide whether someone’s worthy of your time.

4. People React Emotionally to You

One of the most telling signs of a Heyoka empath is the ability to evoke powerful reaction from others. This means that you can reflect people’s true personalities and traits back to them, allowing them to see themselves as they truly are. Essentially, you are an emotional mirror to everyone you meet without even realizing it. But people’s reactions can differ widely. Some may find you irritating and overbearing at times and may even become upset while engaging with you. While others may react with an incredible amount of warmth.

5. Honest

Many people feel that telling white lies is okay to protect those they care about. You, however, are not one of them. If you are a Heyoka Empath you despise lying and prefer to always tell the truth, no matter how painful it can be. You genuinely want to help people in personal growth and being honest with them is a big part of that. Even if someone doesn’t want to listen at first, you know exactly what they need to hear. Some people may be annoyed by your sincerity, but they usually end up realizing that it was necessary.

6. Strong Creative Streak

The Heyoka empaths are known for their childlike wonder of the world and because of their unique perspective, they perceive and express incredibly subtle and delicate moments that others may not be aware of. If this is you, you have a tendency to search for beauty in places that most people might overlook. You also like to daydream and think of new ways to be creative. For hail campouts it’s also important to have some kind of creative outlet to express themselves, whether it’s through art, music, or theatrical expression. Their acute insight ultimately helps heal others by allowing them to see things in a new light.

7. Tend to Go Against the Norm

You may find yourself not only questioning society, but defying societal norms and encouraging people to think for themselves. You are after all, a free spirit who does not follow the majority. You prefer to be independent? Yes sociable, free to make your own decisions. Also, you feel rather comfortable discussing unconventional topics that others may consider taboo. In fact, you prefer to stand out and say things that will cause a stir but also make people think.

8. Embrace life & its Uncertainty

Hero’s empaths understand that life and circumstances are always changing. Nothing lasts forever, and most events are unpredictable. They recognize that they can only control their reactions to situations. These empaths are truly wise individuals who understand the complexities and depths of life. If you’re a Heyoka Empath, you always immerse yourself into every experience, embracing all of your feelings and emotions, knowing that it all adds up to a wonderful and fascinating existence. If you identify with being a Heyoka Empath you possess some truly powerful abilities. By holding up an emotional mirror to others, you can help them heal and recover from issues that are holding them back. At times, however, people may be overwhelmed by your powerful personality.

Your ability to reflect a person’s true self is extremely remarkable, but some people may find that a bit challenging to deal with. Nevertheless, you’re destined to help others, even if you do so in an unconventional way. What do you think? Have you just realized that you are in fact a Heyoka empath? Share your thoughts and comments below.

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