7 Types Of Healthy Crushes You Must Know

There’s nothing quite like developing a crush on someone or falling in love with someone. It’s not the same as falling in love, but it isn’t just a friendly interest in someone either. For the most part, crutches are innocent joyous affairs, that add a little spark to our day. While people may choose to deal with crushes in different ways.

Everyone has developed a crush on someone in their life. Many of us had our first crush at an extremely young age before we even knew what romance and dating were. Crushes might be fairly common things in life, but there’s not just one type either.

We’ve compiled a list of seven completely different variations on the common crush, and it might be interesting for readers to skim through, especially those who currently have crushes.

What kind of crush Do you have? Figuring this out might help you understand whether or not your innocent crush could develop into love, or something serious.

7 Types Of Healthy Crush

1. Crush That Helps You Get Over Hard Times

A crush can be one of the few things that remind you that there is still hope in life, no matter how darkness around you. If you’ve just gone through something horrible, having a crush is a really good sign.

This means that you’re getting over whatever scarred you previously and that you’re ready to fall in love again. Opening up your heart to the possibility of love is kind of like a leap of faith. Even though you might have been hurt in the past, developing a crush again means that you’re willing to risk pain to feel that wonderful feeling once again.

2. Crush That Makes You Look Forward to School Or Work

We all have a few days when we just can’t seem to get out of bed and face the day ahead, whether it’s a boring day at school, college, or a tiresome shift at work waiting for us, many of us find ourselves racking our minds for without reasons.

Anything to get us out of that door in the morning, but a crush can help motivate us to face all of the day’s challenges. Indeed, having a crush can make you excited for even the most dreaded days that await you in the morning. No matter how boring or hard that day is, you can bet that if your crush is going to be there, you will always have a glowing feeling inside as you set foot outside each day.

3. Those Childhood Crushes

This type of crush, which almost all of us have experienced in the past, is the good old-fashioned childhood crush. Many of us can recall our first crush and that strange feeling inside us. Most of us weren’t sure what was happening to us and it was probably a confusing time for many, but however you felt about your first childhood crushes, there’s no denying that this experience was completely innocent and beautiful, and that’s a huge reason why these types of questions are so unique.

4. The Crush, Could Be the One

These types of crushes can be a real mind twister for you. But there’s no denying that there’s something emotional magic about their sheer intensity. These are the crushes where we get our hopes up and let our imaginations roam free, wondering what it would be like getting married to that person having children with them, or even spending life with them.

Crushing on someone like this isn’t quite the same as falling in love with them, but it’s part of the initial phases of falling in love. When you crush on someone in this manner, you’re just starting to entertain the possibility that they just might be the one. And that’s a fortunate moment in our lives.

How to Know Someone Is Secretly In Love With You

5. When We Know a Crush Is Just a Crush

You know that it’s not serious, and that’s fine with you. There’s nothing wrong with having a crush on someone and being okay with them, the fact that you’re interested in someone who can also be a pretty interesting experience.

It’s not like that you’re falling in love with them or anything, you can still keep your wits about you and not get overly emotional with them. There’s no need to get attached with commitment or start worrying too much and you can just let things develop naturally.

There’s something undeniably pleasurable about not taking relationships too seriously and just enjoying the fact that there’s a little bit of a spark between you and your rush.

6. Crush Who Reminds You How Beautiful life Is

Sometimes in life, we find ourselves trudging through the dull corridors of life, with our heads down, not bothering to glance up even once at the wonders that are unfolding before us. And a simple crush can change your perception.

You’ve gotten to a pretty stagnant routine, interacting with the same people visiting the same places, and everything seems like it’s a record stuck on repeat and repeat. When someone new and interesting comes into your life, it can be a massive wake-up call, reminding us that there was still beauty out there in the world, beauty that can truly shock us in the best possible way.

7. A Crush That’s Kept Secret

Having any type of secret is usually a pretty joyful memory, provided of course that it’s a healthy type of secret. You know things like your secret stash of cookies waiting for you at home, or your secret obsession with binge-watching Harry Potter movies.

Having a good secret that you keep to yourself can be the one thing that nobody can take away from you. And it can keep you thinking pretty positive, even when you’ve been dealt some pretty terrible cards. One of the best types of secrets you can have is the fact that you have a crush on someone. These secret crushes sometimes cause our friends to say things like, what’s gotten into you, Or, why aren’t you so happy. And at this point, we just smile and feel pleasure inside our hearts.

This type of crush makes us feel warm inside and gives us that little bit of joy and pleasure, that makes each day a touch more satisfying. These crushes usually formed during the first stages of your attraction to someone. And that’s why there’s so magical.

Of course, there are probably more types of crushes out there, and not all of them are necessarily good types of crushes, but for the most part, crushes are innocent fun and they fill us with joy.

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