7 Tips How to Know Someone Is Secretly In Love With You

Have you ever fallen head over heels for someone, but couldn’t tell if they felt the same way for you, or wanted to know if you’re overly flirty crushed felt a deeper connection towards you. So many of us let our love Go unspoken because we’re afraid of getting rejected, or feel uncomfortable with emotional vulnerability.

All too often we let our opportunities for happiness, slip away because we think. If I knew for sure that they felt the same way. Then I confessed to them. But the truth is, even if we don’t always dare to be as open or forthcoming as we should be with our feelings. All the signs could already be there. So, to help you with that.

Here are seven of the most telltale signs that someone is secretly in love with you.

1. They’re Always Running into You

Do you find yourself repeatedly bumping into one particular person at school or work, do they usually show up at the same places or events that you’re at? If you’ve conveniently run into this particular person at certain places you’ve been known to frequent, then there’s a good chance that they’re just there to see you. And though stalking is not one of the best or healthiest ways to express your love. You might feel compelled to chase after your crush anyway. By finding as many excuses as you can to bump into them, and try to chat them up.

2. They are Quick to Defend You

Another definitive sign that someone is secretly in love with you, is that they’re always quick to defend you. Whenever someone tries to say something rude about you or mistreats you in any way you best believe this person will be there ready to stick up for you. They’re protective and caring towards you, in a way that they aren’t with anyone else. They’re eager to help you out when you need it, and they shower you with praise compliments and attention.

3. They’re Fascinated by You

Think back about the last conversation you had with this person. Did they interested in what you had to say? Were they listening attentively and eager to keep the conversation going on longer. Do they often come to you for advice or seek out your opinion, a person who’s fallen in love with you is fascinated by, and is eager to learn everything they can about you. They love talking with you in finding out what you like what you dislike how you feel about things and what your views are.

4. They’re Physically Affectionate Towards You

Does this particular person seem much more physically affectionate towards you than usual? They might be trying to express their feelings for you, through their nonverbal behaviours. They might be too shy to tell you about their feelings just yet. Or they might not even realize they become more physically affectionate, and they’re doing it subconsciously they find excuses to touch you, or be close to you, they play with your hair or brush their hands against yours, they always sit next to you or put their head on your shoulder, and they hug you excitedly every time, whether they realize they’re doing it or not. All of these are very clear nonverbal signs of romantic attraction.

5 They’re More Attentive Towards You

Have you noticed that this person is more attentive to you and your needs? They pay special attention to you. They’re happy to do favours for you. They buy you little gifts to show you that they appreciate you, or remind you of inside jokes that you share, they make themselves available for you, they adjust their schedule to accommodate you. And they always go the extra league to make you laugh, or see you smile.

6. They Remember the Little Things

When it comes to the people that we love, no detail is too small or too insignificant to remember. We cherish every memory we share with them and listen attentively to all their stories because we’re so much more invested in them than we are with others. So if you notice yourself saying wow I can’t believe you remember that a lot of the time, chances are you’re very important to this person. And if they know things about you that no one else seems to all your favourite songs and movies to your random ideas and opinions, it’s probably because they’re in love with you. Or at the very deeply interested in you.

7. They Always Reach Out to You

Finally, one of the most telling signs that someone is in love with you, is that they’re always reaching out to you and trying to find a way to get closer to you, whether it could be following you on social media, asking for your number or inviting you to events. These are all knots of subtle hints. This person has a love for you and is trying to pursue you romantically. They’ll usually send you a message or call you up, even if they don’t have much to say because they want to spend more time with you and keep in touch with you.

So did anyone, in particular, come to mind while reading this article? Have you noticed any friend or acquaintance showing a romantic interest in you lately? Or maybe you wanted to find ways to tell if someone you like feels the same way.

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