10 Ways to Deal With Unrequited Love

Catching feelings for someone is not difficult, but seeing if they feel the same way towards you is nerve-racking. Unrequited love is a kind of hell, but no matter how painful it is, you can still overcome it with help of these 10 methods.

10 Ways to Deal With Unrequited Love

1. Allow Yourself to Grieve

Rejection hurts is broken, but your whole body feels heavy and worn. This is because emotional pain activates the same part of your brain as physical pain, be kind to yourself and let yourself heal. Don’t pretend like everything is okay, or put off dealing with your heartbreak, as if it’s a chore, acknowledge that you’re not emotionally well, and probably won’t be for a while, you have to accept the pain before you can get better or more.

2. Realize You’re Not Alone

Rejection and ignorance make us vulnerable, and we take it personally because our heart is involved. By one trap we often fall into is believing that we’re not smart and good enough, just because one person didn’t return our feelings. We might think that we’re not attractive, looking good, smart, or lovable enough, but unrequited love happens frequently, even to those people we think would never have a hard time with romance.

An easy and simple way to prevent self-depreciation is to consider other perspectives. Perhaps it was simply unfortunate timing, or the two of you aren’t right for one another. Focus on manifesting self-love, instead of pulling yourself down and you’ll recover faster from the heartbreak.

3. Asked There’s a Pattern In Your Rejections

For some people, falling in love with someone who ignored them is a pattern, they repeat based on similar childhood experiences. They may have developed a secure attachment if they had caretakers who weren’t always available when they needed support. Try to assess your history of projections and see if the people you’re choosing are repeating the same type of behavior you experienced in your childhood. If so, this will only reason you to relive the times you felt abandoned or betrayed and you’ll close yourself off even further. Finding it harder to trust people to break out of this cycle. Be careful to recognize the pattern and be aware of who you choose to bear your feelings to.

4. The Other Side Has It to Hard

Realizing that it’s also hard for the person who rejected you. People who reject others often suffer from guilt and anxiety afterward. It’s not easy to deal with heartbreak, but Heartbreakers, usually feel awful about hurting someone without meaning to.

5. Distance Yourself From the Person Who Ignored You

Even if both of you agree to remain friends after your confession, it’s a good idea to create some distance between the two of you to give yourself time to work out your feelings. If they truly love & care about you, they’ll understand. Don’t worry about coming off cold. Creating space can open doors for healthier perspectives. It’s not difficult to have tunnel vision when you’re still closely interacting with the person that rejected you. Backing off for a while will help you ease off the attachment you feel and loneliness.

6. Treat Your Feelings Like Someone Else’s

Talking to yourself in the third person can help you better control your feelings and emotions. This allows you to step out of your usual perspective, and assess the situation from a more objective point of view. Emotions can be very high maintenance, and when you’re flooded with negative thoughts, it’s hard to overcome. Monitor your feelings like they’re another person which can help you realize that your unrequited feelings aren’t the only feelings you have.

Just bring enough able to step out of the frame and see that they only make up a part of who you are, can be a relief.

7. Focus On Nonromantic Media

Media is congested with romance, but it’s advised to step away from books, movies, blogs, and radio stations on that genre for a while. Instead, you can turn to media that promotes emotional intelligence, confidence, and self-love. When you focus on improving your well-being, you’ll gain a sense of empowerment and motivation which can help to recover from your broken heart.

8. Be Inspired By Your Feelings

Instead of letting your feelings consume you channel them into productive and meaningful works, like use them to inspire your craft, or just take some time off to soul search. You can also try to develop a new hobby, as long as you can distract yourself from your heartbreak.

9. Don’t Search For Closure

Accept the reality of the situation at face value, and realize that you don’t need all the answers. You want to hold on to the feelings you have for someone won’t help them come around.

Try to understand and learn to stop criticizing yourself, because the only way to get past unrequited love is to believe that you’re enough strong to pull yourself out of it.

10. Don’t give up on love

You are enough strong inside to pull yourself out of it. Ultimately, the future is undetermined. Life is unpredictable and has a funny way of introducing us to new people and new pathways when we least expect it. If you’re still caught up in someone who isn’t worth your time, however, you’re closing yourself off to many other possibilities of love.

What are your experiences about dealing with unrequited love?

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